The PHPLM Menu System

Version: 4.0.6
This is the demo application for the PHPLM menu system - version 0.1
Note that information below is for demonstration purposes only and may be obsolete.
phplm-treemenu.php - a file-based example with a JavaScript Tree Menu
JavaScript Tree Menu

Welcome to the PHP Layers Menu (PHPLM) System

The PHP Layers Menu is a hierarchical menu system that produces "on the fly" DHTML menus relying on the PHP scripting engine. It supports various menu styles including tree menus, horizontal and vertical menus either with or without Javascript support. Javascript support provides a layers based menu structure which is the more visually pleasing and provides for many configurable options.It provides horizontal and vertical layers-based menus whose behavior is analogous to menus of commonly used GUI-based applications. It also provides JavaScript-based tree menus, whose look is analogous to the most widely used file managers and bookmark handling tools.

PHPLM supports a wide range of browsers and attempts to provide the exact same visual menu in every browser. An attempt is also made to provide support for older browser versions. Accessibility is, also, provided for text-only browsers. A compact menu layout and a compact output code is produced even with a large number of menu entries.

PHPLM was originally created by Marco Pratesi in the phplayersmenu Sourceforge project. PHPLM is the continuation of that project with much of the original code still intact.

PHPLM is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), either Version 2.1, or (at your option) any later version.

These web pages are created using the latest code from PHPLM. Their purpose is to primarily be a demonstration of the capabilities of the PHPLM system. It also provides useful information about the project. The original as well as some new demonstrations are provided.

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